David Duke Exposes The Jewish AntiChrist Porn Industry Agenda – The Satanic Side Of The Porn Business

David Duke Exposes The Jewish AntiChrist Porn Industry Agenda – The Satanic Side Of The Porn Business

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  • Audio Below: Dr. Duke refutes Jerusalem Post attack on him for exposing Jewish role behind Porn!

    Today Dr. Duke responded to the Jerusalem Post attack on his tweets regarding the Jewish domination of the porn industry and that industry’s role in undermining traditional European Christian morality. He and Dr. Patrick Slattery then detailed the leading Jewish role in the porn industry using sources written and published by leading Jewish authors and publications.


    They then related this Jewish-led pornographic assault on Christian morality to a larger Jew attack on European peoples in general. This includes the massive Jewish-led invasion of “migrants,” “refugees,” and other immigrants into white countries. Meanwhile, while American Jewish groups call for economic boycotts of North Carolina for resisting transgender rights to use any restroom or locker room they chose, Israel prohibits same sex marriage as well as marriages between Jews and non-Jews. Far from calling for an economic boycott, these same American Jewish groups push for billions of dollars of aid every year to Israel.

    Freud, Zionism and Sexual Revolution

    Watch the David Duke Video on this subject: Freud and The Jewish Sexual Revolution

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    Article Source: http://davidduke.com/dr-duke-refutes-jerusalem-post-attack-on-him-for-exposing-jewish-role-behind-porn/

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