The Satanic Zionist COUP Against America And The World? Just Follow The Mass Murders And War Lust And You Will Find Lucifer

Playlist Features David Duke – My Awakening

Video Playlist: A Devil in Disguise – Zionism and Its Threat to Christianity, Judaism & the World

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Zionist COUP Against America – Phase 1 Federal Reserve Act, Phase 2 JFK Murder, Phase 3 9/11, Phase 4 End The Constitution

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By Jeff Rense & Jim Fetzer

Russian Election Hack Lies Are a COUP Against America


By Richard Sauder

Author Richard Sauder returns to SGT Report to discuss deep underground bases in around Washington DC, and across the country. We discuss many topics in this dynamic interview which is likely to become the seventh out of my last eleven videos to be deemed “not advertiser friendly” by big brother at You Tube.