Alex Jones Says The So Called Elite Are Going To Kill Donald Trump – Will He Name These Elite?

Alex Jones Says The So Called Elite Are Going To Kill Donald Trump – Will He Name These Elite?

Alex Jones Says The So Called Elite Are Going To Kill Donald Trump - Will He Name These Elite?
Alex Jones Says The So Called Elite Are Going To Kill Donald Trump – Will He Name These Elite?

By Jack Allen

Alex Jones says he fears that the elite are about to pull a JFK on Trump if he keeps exposing their fraud and corruption on national tv. What is an Elite? What a nice thing to call someone “Elite” I personally hate that term, it is to flattering to call people trying to control the world through endless wars and taxation schemes. The are trying to create a Hellish Prison Planet full of Zombie Debt Slaves, I would use the term “Satanic Evil Criminals From Hell”.

Alex Jones also says Trump pointed out Saudi Arabia was behind 9/11 and that is one of the reasons he is going to be killed for. I believe Zionism helped create the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so there is covert alliance between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Zionist entity of Israel.

The leader of Yemen’s Houthi fighters has heaped scorn on Saudi Arabia for conducing unjust and heinous attacks on Yemeni people, saying the Arab kingdom is serving as a puppet for the United States and the Israeli regime.

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The Alliance Between Israel And Saudi Arabia

The apparent Israeli-Saudi alliance, even though hidden from the masses for now, matches the interests of the US in the Middle East and Western Asia. Washington hopes that this will weaken anti-Israeli feelings in the Arab and Muslim world, create a reliable counterweight in the region to a possible strengthening of Iran, and isolate to the extent possible radical islamist Sunni and Shiite groups. More
Did Money Seal Israeli-Saudi Alliance?

Indeed, Americans who did take Saudi money – including academic institutions and non-governmental organizations – were often pilloried as tools of the Arabs, with the Israel Lobby and its propagandists raising the political cost of accepting Saudi largesse so high that many people and institutions shied away. More


Representative of the New World Order Bankster Empire – The House of Saud may also be a family of crypto-Jews – a theory which, if true, would help explain their foreign policy and lifestyle choices. (Saudi Arabia could put Israel out of business overnight by imposing a real oil boycott, not a fake one like the 1973 charade engineered by Henry Kissinger; but for some reason they refuse to do so.)

According to American investigative reporter Wayne Madsen, who was recently named by France’s President Hollande as one of the world’s five most notable “conspiracist intellectuals” (I am proud to also have been on that list), the Ibn Saud family and their Wahhabist supporters belong to the Donmeh sect of satanic “Jewish” heretics. If so, Mecca and Medina are in the hands of a family that engages in ritual orgies and is dedicated to the rise of a false messiah. Israeli investigative reporter Barry Chamish agrees with that analysis, and adds that the Rothschild family are part of the same heretical group. This hypothesis would explain the alliance between the Ibn Sauds and their Rothschild masters, who control the usury-based bankster petrodollar through their control of Saudi Arabia.

Whether the Ibn Sauds work for the banksters out of donmeh loyalties or character flaws, the result is the same. They are selling their fabulous oil wealth at a fraction of its true value in order to prop up the usury-based New World Order empire in general, and the Zionist dagger in the heart of the Middle East in particular. More

So if Saudi Arabia is really behind the 9/11 attacks and they are a puppet of Israel and elements in the United States government does that mean the so-called “Elite” Alex Jones talks about are really Zionists and Their Puppets? Did Zionists and their puppets really do the 9/11 attacks. Will they kill Donald Trump like they allegedly killed JFK?