America First? Not So Much! Trump Frees Biggest Israeli Spy Ever Jonathan Pollard before Leaving Office

America First? Not So Much! Trump Frees Biggest Israeli Spy Ever Jonathan Pollard before Leaving Office

America First? Not So Much! Trump Frees Biggest Israeli Spy Ever Jonathan Pollard before Leaving Office

The Reality of Trump vs The Illusion of Trump!

Jonathan J. Pollard, the American convicted of spying for Israel in one of the most notorious espionage cases of the late Cold War, completed his parole on Friday, the Justice Department said, freeing him to go to Israel as he has said he intends to do.

A U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, Mr. Pollard gave a range of classified documents to Israel starting in 1984

The Justice Department’s decision to let his parole restrictions expire may be one of the final gifts from the Trump administration to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. Mr. Pollard’s case had long been an irritant in the relations between the two countries, and both sides at times had used him as a diplomatic bargaining chip.

A U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, Mr. Pollard gave a range of classified documents to Israel starting in 1984. His disclosures exposed the abilities of the American spy agencies, potentially damaged intelligence collection efforts and risked exposing secrets, C.I.A. and Defense Department officials said in classified documents prepared after his arrest. He was arrested in 1985, and was convicted and served 30 years in prison before being released in 2015. …”

America First? MAGA? Naaah you have all been fooled, it was MIGA all this time. You still fail to see it? Such a good goy Trump has been.

Evil Spy Gets Hero’s Welcome In Rothschild’s Israel Scheme


As the Trump administration winds down, the growing movement calling for a pardon of physically ill incarcerated Australian journalist Julian Assange has been snubbed once again in favor of thugs and fraudsters connected to the Chabad-Lubavitch sect.

The latest clemency proposal granted to the Aleph Institute, which is controlled by members of Chabad-Lubavitch, is Philip Esformes. Esformes was sentenced to 20 years in prison last year after swindling $1.4 billion dollars in tax payer money through Medicare fraud. Esformes’ family made a large donation to the Aleph Institute prior to Trump breaking him out of jail. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and Trump ally Alan Dershowitz, both active Zionists, are being credited with the decision.

Esformes is by no means the sole beneficiary of Aleph’s special access to the Trump White House. Five of Trump’s last 24 presidential pardons were granted at the behest of Aleph, including Charles Kushner, Jared’s crooked real estate mogul father, Daniela Gozes-Wagner, another Medicare fraudster, and Mark Shapiro and Irving Stitsky, two men who schemed to raise $25 million dollars from 250 investors in a fake development project.

It should be noted that the third defendant convicted for aiding in Shapiro and Stitsky’s scam, a Gentile named William B. Foster, was not pardoned.

Trump’s fixation on pardoning war criminals has also been put on full display. The four Blackwater contract killers who orchestrated the Nisour Square massacre in 2007 have now been freed by Trump. The incident, where over a dozen Iraqi civilians, including two children, were shot in cold blood became an international public relations headache for Washington’s occupation in Iraq at the time.

But Trump’s love for war criminals should not be confused for loyalty to the military. Duncan Hunter, a Republican congressman who stole funds collected on behalf of needy veterans to buy gifts for his mistresses and flights for his pet rabbit, was also exonerated by the president’s pen.

While pardoning patriots like Edward Snowden or genuine journalists being tortured by the US government like Julian Assange would be popular moves that could salvage Trump’s presidential legacy, the White House is doubling down as it reaches the bottom of its descent into naked cronyism.



Trump’s Latest Jew Criminal Pardon Spree


PRESIDENT Trump has pardoned a host of fraudsters who donated to the “Aleph Institute” — an organization that was started by the Orthodox Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch movement which counts the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as a member.

Though Trump has yet to find the time to pardon Julian Assange who is slowly dying in prison or Edward Snowden who has been living in exile in Russia, he did find the time to pardon the “king of medicare fraud,” Chabad-Lubavitch donor — and Jew, natch — Philip Esformes. The rest of those pardoned in this latest spree are all Jews.

From the New York Times, “Behind Trump Clemency, a Case Study in Special Access”:

Philip Esformes acquired a $1.6 million Ferrari and a $360,000 Swiss watch and traveled around the United States on a private jet, a spending spree fueled by the spoils from what federal prosecutors called one of the largest Medicare fraud cases in history.

“Philip Esformes is a man driven by almost unbounded greed,” Denise M. Stemen, an agent in the F.B.I.’s Miami field office, said last year after Mr. Esformes, 52, a nursing home operator, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the two-decade scheme that involved an estimated $1.3 billion worth of fraudulent claims.

That prison term ended suddenly this week, when President Trump commuted what remained of Mr. Esformes’ sentence.

His rapid path to clemency is a case study in how criminals with the right connections and resources have been able to cut through normal channels and gain the opportunity to make their case straight to the Trump White House.

For Mr. Esformes, that involved support from a Jewish humanitarian nonprofit group that advances prisoners’ rights and worked with the White House on criminal justice issues, including clemency and legislation overhauling sentencing laws that was championed by Mr. Trump and Jared Kushner, his son-in-law and adviser.

Mr. Esformes’s family donated $65,000 to the group, the Aleph Institute, over several years starting after his indictment, according to the group.

His family’s name adorns a school in Chicago associated with the Chabad-Lubavitch group of Hasidic Jews, whose leader at the time was involved in the creation of the Aleph Institute in the early 1980s. His father is a rabbi in Florida. His family has also donated for years to the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, to which Mr. Kushner has longstanding ties.

Alan Dershowitz, who fought to keep Jeffrey Epstein out of prison, helped secure Esformes’ release.

Alan M. Dershowitz, a longtime supporter of clemency who works with the Aleph Institute on a volunteer basis, said the group “played a significant role” in Mr. Esformes’ clemency effort and “put together the papers” for the petition.

Mr. Trump has largely overridden a highly bureaucratic process overseen by pardon lawyers for the Justice Department and handed considerable control to his closest White House aides, including Mr. Kushner. They, in turn, have outsourced much of the vetting process to political and personal allies, allowing private parties to play an outsize role in influencing the application of one of the most unchecked powers of the presidency.

Among those allies is the Aleph Institute, a well-known force in criminal justice issues which beyond Mr. Esformes’ case has also weighed in on less high-profile clemency requests to Mr. Trump.

The White House on Wednesday specifically cited Aleph in announcing Mr. Trump’s commutation of what supporters had contended was a disproportionately severe 20-year sentence given to Daniela Gozes-Wagner, a single mother and midlevel manager in Houston, in a health care fraud and money laundering case.

[…] Aleph has helped advance at least five of the 24 commutations handed down by Mr. Trump, including the recipient of the president’s very first commutation — issued in 2017 to Sholom Rubashkin, the chief executive of a kosher meat processing company who was convicted in 2009 on fraud charges — and three commutations announced on Wednesday.

Sholom Rubashkin is a money laundering fraudster who ran a Kosher slaughterhouse and meatpacking operation in Iowa employing hundreds of illegal aliens — including illegal alien children — that resembled a house of horrors.

The Times continues:

“They are a major, major force of pushing commutations,” said Mr. Dershowitz, who recommended a number of clemency petitions that Aleph supported, and says he personally spoke to Mr. Trump about Mr. Rubashkin’s case.

Mr. Dershowitz said donations to Aleph were “absolutely not” a factor in deciding which clemency cases to support.

Dershowitz also fought to secure the release of Israeli spy and U.S. traitor Jonathan Pollard, who was pardoned by Obama and recently had the terms of his parole lifted by the Trump administration to allow him to flee to Israel.

Additionally, Dershowitz pushed for Trump to pardon Israeli drug smuggler Ronen Nahmani, which Trump did in August 2019.

The Aleph Institute was founded nearly four decades ago by Rabbi Lipskar of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement of Hasidic Jews, at the direction of the movement’s leader, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson […]

Mr. Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, have their own connections to Chabad-Lubavitch, having chosen a home in Washington within walking distance to a Chabad synagogue where they attend Shabbat services. The weekend before the 2016 election, they visited the grave site of Rabbi Schneerson. The Kushner family foundation has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to projects and institutions associated with Chabad, according to a tally by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

After Mr. Esformes was indicted, Rabbi Lipskar said he visited Mr. Esformes in prison at least 25 times and “became almost like his personal rabbi.”

Mr. Esformes’s father “ramped up his financial commitment to Aleph,” according to a 2019 court filing by Mr. Esformes’ lawyers. They said the money was donated partly “in appreciation for all that Aleph has done for Mr. Esformes” and was given to the group “generously, if not exclusively selflessly.”

Trump also pardoned Jared Kushner’s criminal father, who is a major Chabad donor:

[Jared Kushner’s] father, Charles Kushner, served 14 months in a federal prison in Alabama for tax evasion, witness tampering and making illegal donations. The elder Kushner was among those pardoned on Wednesday by Mr. Trump.

Two others he pardoned also had the backing of the Aleph Institute:

Two of the people whose sentences were commuted by Mr. Trump on Wednesday, Mark A. Shapiro and Irving Stitsky, were each sentenced to 85 years in prison for their roles in a $23 million real estate scheme after they turned down plea agreements of less than 10 years each.

“Mark Shapiro is a career con-man who stole millions of dollars from hundreds of investors by selling worthless interests in a bogus investment offering,” Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said after Shapiro and Stitsky were sentenced in 2010.

U.S. District Judge Kimba Maureen Wood said their scam, which included selling ownership interests in properties they didn’t own, “resulted in devastating injury to hundreds of victims.”

“For many, it wiped out their life savings at the end of their lives when they no longer had the ability to earn substantial amounts of money,” Wood said.

The White House’s statement specifically says the two’s clemency “is supported by the Aleph Institute.”

Perhaps Julian Assange and Edward Snowden should send some of their bitcoins over to the Aleph Institute if they want a pardon!

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