Brussels Terror Attacks: Israel’s Backlash Against Brussels Whistleblower Confirms Mossad Role

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Exclusive: Israel’s Backlash Against Brussels Whistleblower Confirms Mossad Role – Veterans Today

Exclusive: Israel’s Backlash Against Brussels Whistleblower Confirms Mossad Role – Veterans Today

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After exposing Turkish-Israeli role in Brussels bombings DESI Secretary General and its President are MOSSAD targets



Exclusive for the VT

Last week when VT published information gotten during the interrogation of a Turkish intelligence agent, Sawash Yeldiz, captured by Popular Party of Kurdistan (PPK) militia inside Syria, information tying Turkish President Erdogan to the Brussels terror attacks, we saw how real leaks are dealt with. Now those involved in exposing this terror ring threatening Europe are under attack by, strangely enough, not Turkey but Israel.

What does this tell us?

European Department for Security and Information (DESI) which has a working relationship with the Veterans Today Media Organization, reveals that its secretary-general Dr. Haissam Bou Said received death threats from the Mossad after exposing the Turkish-Israeli role in the Brussels bombings and in the explosions that took place elsewhere in Europe.

“The MOSSAD mounted pressure on the European Union Security  Intelligence to slash down the volume of work performed by the DESI, and to silence the voice of truth,” the statement said.

Besides the exposure of the MIT involvement in the Brussels bombings, DESI is working now on the Syrian migrants plight, and previously disclosed that an Israeli Colonel Yusi Alon Shahak was caught in action by the Shiite militia AL HASHED AL SHAABI in IRAQ, who later made amazing confessions about Israel’s scheme to splinter the country. Israel, via its official and media channels, admitted that the DESI report about Shahak was correct.

Accused MOSSAD operative and Italian Fascist

Accused MOSSAD operative and Italian Fascist Antonietta Cannizzaro

The earlier Israeli captive, who is still believed to be alive, implicated Turkey, Saudi, UAE, and USA in supporting various groups of terrorists to create havocs in Iraq, Syria and the Middle East.

Gaet Sanoya

Gaetano Saya in his party uniform

Moreover, MOSSAD intimidated DESI President Luciano Consorti and members of the Executive Board by defamation, in order to coerce Ambassador Haissam Bou Said to submit his resignation, and prevent the issuance of any report from the DESI that exposes the MOSSAD role in recent terror attacks in Paris and Brussels.

DESI divulged that (Antonietta Cannizzaro) the head of the Italian Fascist Party (MOVIMENTO SOCIALE  ITALIANO – DESTRA NAZIONLE) and her husband (Gaetano Saya) the party founder are in cahoots with the MOSSAD against the DESI, pointing out that Saya was arrested by the Italian police in 2004 for his party links with the CIA, which is against the Italians rules and regulations, and was not acquitted on this charge.

2004 "arrest" for ties to CIA

2004 “arrest” for ties to CIA

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"New Gladio" Italian Fascist front traced to CIA and MOSSAD operations in Europe including possible "Islamic" terrorism

“New Gladio” Italian Fascist front traced to CIA and MOSSAD operations in Europe including possible “Islamic” terrorism

Police credentials of CIA/Fascist operative/informant

Police credentials of CIA/Fascist operative/informant

DESI called upon the competent Italian Authorities to make MOVIMENTO SOCIALE  ITALIANO – DESTRA NAZIONLE accountable for the moral damage it incurred upon the DESI members inside Italy and in Europe.  Also, the Organization has embarked on laying out a judicial complaint, demanding the relevant authorities in Italy to protect the freedom of expression right and its practices.


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The security for the Brussels airport was run by the same Israeli company (based in Holland) that ran the 9/11 security at all involved airports, and that for the “underwear bomber” among other recent false flag attacks.

The person verifying that “ISIS claimed responsibility” for the Brussels attack is none other than Rita Katz- an Israeli, who provides “proof” that most recent False Flag attacks have been claimed by ISIS, or Al Qaeda or whoever. Her “proof” comes from Twitter accounts, and “ISIS websites” which are often linked back to Saudi Arabia, and the UK.

The iconic television images of people running away from the Airport terminal are also apparently owned by Israelis i24 television station.

Zionist Olav’ Thon’s employees were seen surround the alleged victims outside the metro station- the same man who had his empty buildings blow up during the Oslo Attack (buildings he was denied a demolition permit for on historic grounds).

The agenda of this attack only goes to help create a state of “Greater Israel”, as 4 days after this False Flag, like clockwork, Belgium sent warplanes to go and bomb “ISIS” in Syria and pledge more military assistance.

Is it any “coincidence” ISIS never attacks Israeli soil?

When you start to add all these things up, and because these themes keep re-occurring, one can only deduct that Israeli forces are behind these False Flags and Hoaxes as well as ISIS, with the agenda of destabilizing competing nation-states near Israel and in the region, as well as the ultimate goal of the creation of a state of “Greater Israel”.