Israeli Rabbi: ‘Killing Palestinians Commanded In Teachings Of The Torah’ – Racist Rabbi – Satanic Zionism

Israeli rabbi: ‘killing Palestinians commanded in teachings of the Torah’



ed note–BUT REMEMBER, there is a YUUUUUGE difference between Zionism and Judaism.

Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef said on Saturday night that it is recommended in the Torah to kill the Palestinians.

During his weekly lesson, the famous Israeli rabbis referred to the Palestinians as terrorists and told his listeners that it is recommended in the Jewish religious book to kill them.

The extremist and racist rabbi, who lives in the only democracy in the world, told his listeners to kill the Palestinians even if they do not have knives and not to fear the high court.

“If he no longer [a Palestinian] has a knife, then you [Israelis] have to imprison him for life until the arrival of the messiah,” he said.

He explained: “The messiah will tell us who the Amalekites (Biblical enemy of the Israelis) are and then we will be able to kill them.”

In February, the Israeli Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot issued his directions to his troops in a statement, saying: “We do not act according to slogans such as ‘whoever comes to kill you, kill him first’.”


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