Vampire People – They Walk Amongst Us – #PizzaGate #SpiritCooking #SatanicHollywood #MarinaAbramovic #MarkOfTheBeast #Kabbalists #Satanists

Vampire People – They Walk Amongst Us – #PizzaGate #SpiritCooking #SatanicHollywood #MarinaAbramovic #MarkOfTheBeast

The Satanic Evil Kosher Tax Forced On You

Opinion By Jack Allen

Non-Jews are unaware that all food products marked with the “K” or “U” Symbols have been TAXED by Jewish Rabbis, that sucks blood from baby boy’s penises during their rituals.

Note: Each nation has its own symbol. Check in local Jewish publications, to find out what mark of the beast, is being used in your own country.

On every pantry shelf in America, lay dozens of canned and packaged food products which have a tiny “K” or “U” printed on the label. Look at non-food items as well. Satanic Rabbis are getting the Satanic Kosher Tax on everything they can.
This So-Called Kosher symbol informs Orthodox Jews that the items have been checked by a rabbi, to make sure that they have been prepared in accordance with “Satanic Jewish Dietary law”, as set forth in the Satanic Jewish Talmud (That Thinks All Non-Jews Are Less Than Animals) – (the real “bible” of the Jews is the Satanic Talmud.)

American food companies are forced to pay multi-billions of dollars to several Orthodox Jewish organizations, just so an estimated 10% to 20% of Jewry, (or 800,000 to no more than 1.2 million Orthodox Jews), will buy their products. Please bear in mind that this is a country of 270 million people, and we are all forced to pay this Kosher Tax, just to appease LESS THAN ONE PERCENT OF THE POPULATION!
Kosher Tax = 666 ?

I believe Rabbis are forcing Kosher on Non-Jews as a means of control and to make them with thier Antichrsit.

You do know that everytime you consume food that has a “U” in a circle or other Kosher marks you are taking part in the Mark Of The Beast System? Over 50% of Jews do not believe in God and lots of Jews are in The Satanic Cult Of Kabbalah. Some Rabbis worship Baal when they are planning war with non-Jews, so that means they have been at war against humanity since they killed Jesus Christ. The G-d that the Zionist Jews follow is Satan and not the GOD of good. Eating Kosher makes you with Satan. Rabbis to this day, suck the blood from baby boy’s penises in rituals. Jews celebrate death and war and have been known to kill Christian boys and girls and drink their blood and eat their flesh. All this evil you see today, is the same evil that has behind all wars and evil on the planet. You should grow your own food or buy from a farmer you know and trust. You need to stay out of the Mark Of The Beast system. Zionism is the Antichrist. Eating Kosher Forces you to worship the Jews’ Antichrist.


In reality, sucking the blood of a ritually tortured and mutilated human being is a prime example of a satanic ritual during which the satanic priest attempts to steal the life force and harness the soul of another human being.

Do people really find it “normal” to worship a deity that requires them to genitally torture and mutilate their infant sons — or that willfully has his own son murdered and sacrificed in the most satanic and evil way? Do people really find it “normal” to have their whole family stand around chanting while someone slices off a piece of their son’s penis – without anesthesia – and then sucks his blood? I mean – do people really believe that this is OK?

It is almost too much to conceive of. It makes me ill. What is the matter with people?

“The holy soul only enters the child at the point of circumcision…” NOT!

In truth, circumcision will cause the vulnerable, sensitive, human infant’s soul to DEPART from the body, allowing another, less sensitive, tough energy to step in — one that can handle the incredible assault to it’s nervous system and physical and spiritual integrity.

Circumcision is a satanic-based ritual. It is a form of trauma-based mind-control and as we can see – it often works. It creates men like this rabbi, who can spew out lie after nonsensical lie, and justify the ritual sexual torture of infants and the ingestion of human blood.

Totally psychotic.

This is why I don’t eat Kosher. My family also does not eat Kosher and they are informing others of this evil and sick Satanic scam.

Another opinion on the subject

Dennis Fetcho – Hour 1 – Secrets of the Hidden Kosher Mark & The Rabbinical Tax

Listen to Hour One:  Dennis Fetcho – Red Ice Creation – Hour 1

Is Kosher a legitimate quality standard, or is it a Jewish tax on food? As long as non Jews don’t know of this and buy Kosher Food unknowingly, it acts as a tax towards non-Jews.

Dennis Fetcho, aka “The Fetch,” is the author of the Illuminatus Observer, a blog focusing on the Hermetic Qabalah. He is also the host of Inside the Eye – Live!, a news and current events streaming media radio talk show. Dennis is an American expat living in Amman, Jordan, working by day as a business strategist, specializing in telecommunications, aerospace, and defense.

Dennis is here to speak about the secrets of the Kosher tax along with some of the other big anti-trust issues that are corroding Western values. Dennis begins with an explanation of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994, a deregulation law that allows the sale of supplements as food with no need for proof of effectiveness or safety, resulting in an explosion of sales.

Then, he describes how Kosher food certifying organizations crept in and took advantage of the boom, creating a multi-billion dollar annual market. Dennis tells about how the entire supply chain of any product that carries the prestigious Kosher mark must be certified, right down to the utensils used in processing facilities. He clarifies the differences in non-Kosher vs. Kosher standards in food processing, and explains how these Laws of Kashrus are simply superstitious traditions passed down from the Bible.

Further, Dennis illustrates the countless items of food that are already inherently Kosher, along with items that are impossible to substantiate and place into this category. We also take a look at where the profits are going, the preferential treatment given to Kosher certified products in stores, and the extortion-type fees that are paid to Rabbinic Field Representatives.

In the second hour, we look at the reasons why consumers buy into the Kosher racket and consider the tricks of the trade in this Jewish monopoly. We chew over many other significant issues related to this elite game and how the hypocrisy involved has held Western values under siege for years. In conclusion, we deliberate tolerance and the need to decentralize the media.

Satan At The Wailing Wall