Wars, False Flags, Militant Terrorism Are Just Show Business That Fools Play Along With?

Fake CNN Green ScreenWars, False Flags, Militant Terrorism Are Just Show Business That Fools Play Along With?

By Jack Allen

I believe that if you are still watching TV, movies, listening to the radio or watching Youtube videos that come from the mainstream media and you don’t know your being feed every second with propaganda, then you are a fool. I mean, it is in your face that controlled media are following an evil agenda to manipulate you so you play along with their game. Some times a movie like
Wag The Dog from 1997 staring
Robert De Niro,
Anne Heche,
Dustin Hoffman,
Kirsten Dunst,
Woody Harrelson,
William H. Macy,
Denis Leary,
Barry Levinson,
Willie Nelson, Michael Belson, Jason Cottle, Suzanne Cryer, John Michael Higgins, David Koechner, Andrea Martin and Suzie Plakson tells you the truth about how it is done. How many times can you watch CNN with all their green screen fails and still blindly play along? I don’t watch TV any longer and I certainly don’t get my news from controlled media like AP, Reuters, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and the rest because it is mostly lies there with some occasional truth. You really need to look beyond anything you see or hear and don’t buy it at first glance. If the evil creeps that control the puppet politicians want a war, take your rights away or steal your money and property all they have to do is tell their puppets they control in the government and the media to push a narrative and it is done. Not everyone in the government and media needs to know what is really going on, they are paid to follow the script and are just reading the lines. If they do wake up to the truth they will be discredited, replaced, suicided or there is a convenient accident. Related videos below.
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