On June 5th, Macedonia will face early parliamentary elections. For the last two years, western powers including the EU and USA have attempted to oust the current Macedonian leadership. Slobodan Tomic, a Macedonian publicist and independent analyst, shared with us his assessment of the political situation in the country ahead of the upcoming elections:

On Macedonian multivector foreign policy

Actually, I’d like to say that Macedonians are friendly partners for all four sides of the compass. We can’t be enemies with America, and we can’t be enemies with Russia, China or any other. Macedonia opens the gates for all four corners of the world. Normally, the principle form of our cooperation is to remain neutral between two sides. Macedonia has built a very good relationship with the Americans, since we have signed a technical agreement for cooperation etc, but we also have very good cooperation with Russia, especially now. Our PM, Nikola Gruevski, completely reformed the mentality of the Republic of Macedonia. In Macedonia, we have only one problem: with the so-called NGO’s, or non-governmental “society”. These are evil organizations since, according to public opinion, George Soros is the real person who wants to destroy our country, its name, language, and identity.

Macedonia wants to continue to cooperate with all the world. We are also very happy to have good relations with Russia. Mr. Gruevski has opened more doors for the BRICS group.

On the anti-governmental protests

Call Now: 888-581-5193These protests were of course organized by Soros. I stick with this statement, because we as the electorate have paid for a so-called color revolution. Such color revolutions started, as you know, in North Africa. We know what then happened in Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, and Libya. This organization, this so-called, self-proclaimed “open society organization” organized the protests in Macedonia. They have followed the same scenario as in Ukraine. As I said before, Nikola Gruevski was a very smart prime minister, since he decided to resign after so many messages from the so-called international community which warned: “If you want to join NATO, you have to change the name of your country.” Greece is the reason why this has been forced upon us. In the meanwhile, we can be an EU member, and Macedonia has done a lot in the past 10 years, reaching a high position as the country of Macedonia.

But I’d like to say that Mr. Gruevski is a very smart politician – pragmatic and a workaholic. There are no other politicians in the region like him. He brought many factories to Macedonia as well as investments and many new companies to the point that unemployment fell to 12% – this is huge progress.

Why does the EU want to topple Gruevski’s government?

Macedonia is a real example of a multicultural country which is not a member of the EU. All countries can learn real multiculturalism and tolerance from us. Mr. Gruevski had the courage to invite the BRICS group to Macedonia, and this is the reason why our so-called western “friends” are so nervous. So they began a new strategy for Macedonia. In real politics, there is no place for emotions. In politics, there are only interests.

Macedonia occupies a crucial position, and it has been a gateway to stability and prosperity. Macedonia in fact saved the EU from much of the situation with refugees. Although it is a small European country, Macedonia is thus very important.

But what have we received in return? Europe always entices with a stick and a carrot. We got the stick, not the carrot, every time. This is the reason why I would never trust the EU.

The opposition in Macedonia is a puppet controlled by the West. They are criminals, who say “catch the criminals!”. This is an anachronistic situation. And these people are ready to change the name of the country itself – this is what is happening in Macedonia.

The Macedonian people possess something very interesting. The authorities made a genetic research with the IGENEA institute of Switzerland. According to this genetic investigation conducted on the origins of European nations, 30 % of Macedonians in the present day Republic of Macedonia are indigenous people who trace their roots back to the ancient Macedonians. But this is a very big problem for those people who have problems with so-called “peaceful” countries and want to destroy Macedonia – have it vanish from the geopolitical map. They want to kill our identity, our name. They, the US, Germany, France, etc., want to experiment with us.

I’d like to point out that the Macedonian people have now completely woken up. We are not the same Macedonians who were pressured by Tito’s regime. We are Macedonians, and not any other nation. Big countries like to manipulate Greece and force it against Macedonia in the media.
But we are Macedonians and we will never change our name or our identity. We are born Macedonians, and we can die as Macedonians. We don’t fancy “enjoying” the so-called international community or alliances like NATO. Tomorrow, the EU could explode like a balloon, and NATO could too. This is not a peaceful alliance – it organizes bombings, etc. Yet Macedonia is a peaceful country, and we are nobody’s enemies, not even the NATO countries’.